Woke up Friday morning at 6:30 AM very excited to start my healing process. The flight to Mexico City left at 3 PM. I am traveling with my team of angels: Catalina, my girlfriend, Michael and my mom. We arrived in Mexico around 4pm (local time). We were picked up by the van of Clinica Ruiz and departed towards Puebla, where I am going to have the treatment. The ride was supposed to last 2 hours, but it took us 4, thanks to the extreme traffic leaving Mexico City.

When we arrived at Puebla, we were pleasantly surprised by the city. It is a modern city with lots of American stores. We were exhausted after a very long day of traveling. We proceeded to have dinner, which Mexican food never disappoints.

Saturday, after breakfast, we decided to go visit the sites of Puebla. We hired a local guide, and he proceeded to take us to where a UFO landed 250 years ago. We really were not expecting much, but what we found was even worse.

After this disappointment, we went to a local restaurant: “La Sagrada Familia”. Here we got to experience Aztec dance. I enjoyed watching this, and the energy that was produced by these Indians was intense. The food of the restaurant was also excellent.

Our last stop was at a famous church in Cholula. This church was built on a hilltop, but years later, due to a collapse, they realized that the church had been built on the ruins of a pyramid!

Tomorrow we move to the apartments of the clinic. Monday will be the introduction to the team of doctors, and to the treatment. My next updates will be focused more on the medical aspects.