First Day. Day -12

First Day. Day -12

HSCT Treatment

Today was the first day of a 30 day treatment. Day -12. This is simply counting the days until the stem cell transplant, Day 0 will be the day of the transplant,

Woke up at 5 AM, anxious to begin. The nurse arrived at my apartment to do my first blood work. This is the base for future blood tests. She took 7 vials of blood, and did some poking on my left ear.

Later we went to a hotel where we had the formal introduction to the program. I was very impressed with what Dr. Ruiz had to say about the HSCT treatment. If I was convinced that I needed to do this treatment before coming here, after this presentation I am even more convinced.

After the presentation we started all the preliminary medical exams. All these exams occurred today:

  • Chest x-ray.
  • Espirometria. An exam where I had to blow into a pipe to measure the strength of my lungs.
  • EKG, and consultation with the cardiologist. He said my heart was perfect.
  • Neurologist consultation, and surprise, surprise, he told me I have MS.

It was a very long, exhaustive day.

Tomorrow I get to have a consultation with Dr. Ruiz himself. Then at 1pm I get my first round of chemotherapy. This is supposed to last for 5 hours!

Arrival at Puebla

Arrival at Puebla

Woke up Friday morning at 6:30 AM very excited to start my healing process. The flight to Mexico City left at 3 PM. I am traveling with my team of angels: Catalina, my girlfriend, Michael and my mom. We arrived in Mexico around 4pm (local time). We were picked up by the van of Clinica Ruiz and departed towards Puebla, where I am going to have the treatment. The ride was supposed to last 2 hours, but it took us 4, thanks to the extreme traffic leaving Mexico City.

When we arrived at Puebla, we were pleasantly surprised by the city. It is a modern city with lots of American stores. We were exhausted after a very long day of traveling. We proceeded to have dinner, which Mexican food never disappoints.

Saturday, after breakfast, we decided to go visit the sites of Puebla. We hired a local guide, and he proceeded to take us to where a UFO landed 250 years ago. We really were not expecting much, but what we found was even worse.

After this disappointment, we went to a local restaurant: “La Sagrada Familia”. Here we got to experience Aztec dance. I enjoyed watching this, and the energy that was produced by these Indians was intense. The food of the restaurant was also excellent.

Our last stop was at a famous church in Cholula. This church was built on a hilltop, but years later, due to a collapse, they realized that the church had been built on the ruins of a pyramid!

Tomorrow we move to the apartments of the clinic. Monday will be the introduction to the team of doctors, and to the treatment. My next updates will be focused more on the medical aspects.

My Journey to Beat Multiple Sclerosis

My Journey to Beat Multiple Sclerosis

I started having the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis in November, 1998. These symptoms were bearable, until suddenly, in March 2014, I  could not lift my right leg off the ground. I started walking with a cane and lost my equilibrium.

Since then I have done many things to try to reverse this disease. These include:

  1. Completely changed my diet to a Paleo diet
  2. More than 30 session of Hyperbaric chamber.
  3. Sound therapy with sound waves.
  4. FMT (Fecal Microbiota Transplant) in London at the Taymount clinic.
  5. Homeopathic and biological medicine in Cali, Colombia.
  6. Stem cell transplant in Boca Raton, FL, USA.
  7. Detoxing
  8. GCMAF treatment in the Netherlands.
  9. Stem cell transplant in Arizona, USA.
  10. Continuous infusions of vitamins and minerals through intravenous therapies.

Throughout the past 3 years my general health has improved, however my ability to walk has gone down hill to the point that I am now using an electric cart.

Fortunately I have found a treatment that is restoring the health of people with MS. This treatment is called HSCT. (WHAT IS HSCT? – A COMPREHENSIVE DESCRIPTION)

I am going to Puebla, Mexico on March 27th, 2017 to get this treatment, and I could not be more excited.

I invite you to join me for this journey through this blog. I will keep you up to date with regular entries talking about my journey, and the restoration of my health.


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Eliminating the Time Factor

Eliminating the Time Factor


We are eternal beings, living a human experience. As humans, we do not have it easy, because we are subjects of time.

From the day we are born the clock is ticking. Everything we do is subject to time. Usually time is running out. Usually we do not have enough time. Usually we have to prioritize what we are going to do every single day, due to not enough time. Time quickly becomes a commodity.

clocksizedOnce we start getting into it trying to live a more spiritual life and a life more in peace, we are told that we should be living in the present. We are told that the past doesn’t exist anymore, and that the future has not been written yet. We are told that we need to live in the now.

This all sounds great in theory. However, that practice is more difficult.

We are eternal beings, not subject to time constraints. However, we are living in a human body, which is very much subject to time.

We can attempt to live in the present, however our identity, who we are, is defined by our past. Our goals, and our dreams, are defined by the future we envision. How can we live strictly in the present, when my identity is defined by my past, and my goals and dreams, are envisioned in my future. How am I supposed to simply live the present moment without considering who I am. or where I am headed?

So what am I supposed to do?

I should not identify with the negative experiences lived in my past. The fact that they are negative experiences is simply an incorrect perception. I should realize that every experience has served a purpose by the Universe, out of love, to help my soul evolve.

Evolve to what?

Evolving is a tricky word. Evolving connotates change. I would much rather say that we are going through a process of self awareness; waking up. We have to come to the realization that each one of us is an immortal consciousness, that is one with the source of all existence. This source of all existence is love.

So I am an immortal consciousness that is one with the source of all existence, which is love, but I am living a human experience in which I am limited by time. I am aware that is a deep thought. I would like to illustrate it the following way:

waveThe ocean is infinite. A wave is suddenly born, and it fades away, back into the ocean. Imagine for a moment that the ocean is the source of all existence. Each human experience, which is limited by time,
is like that wave, it is born, has a duration, and then it fades back into the ocean. The wave, always is one with the ocean.

As for my human future, I have as much control of the outcome, as a wave has control on how it is going to unfold. This however becomes trivial, because now I understand that everything that I have lived has taken me to waking up, and to realizing who I truly am. I am love. I am timeless, and one with the source of all existence.


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You are not who you think you are

You are not who you think you are


I am constantly questioning who I am. Who I truly am. Over the past few months I have been encountering different conversations and teachings on this subject. Because of this, I decided to try to reach an answer.

When I have conversations with people, they will tell me things like: “I am a doctor”, or “I am a teacher”. This is not who they are. This is what they do.

Others tell me: “I am American”, or “I am Colombian”. This is not who they are. This is their country of birth. We usually acquire the behaviors and characteristics of people from our home country.Quote-LetGoIdentity

In a some countries you are identified by your parents, and the family where you come from. This is not who you are. This is your lineage, and origin.

A more basic answer is: “I am a man”, or “I am a woman”. This is not who they are, this is their sex. Your sex will also give you some traits.

Other answers I hear are related to the mistakes they have made in their life. They feel that their mistakes define them. This obviously is not who they are.

It is clear that all these answers are referring to your perceived identity.

So how can we define who we are? These answers are very widespread, and differ from religion to religion and culture to culture. There are many different point of views, and I don’t think that there is proof of any over the other.

I am now going to share with you my perception of who we are. Who we truly are. I have tried to break this down as simple as possible.

Quote-NobodyMoreSpiritualWe are ego, and an evolving soul, inhabiting a human body in this time dimension.

People have different definitions for the ego, the soul and evolution. Let’s explore each one of them individually.

Ego is our self image. It is not our true self, i.e. our soul. The ego is the sum total of your perceived identity. The ego is your social mask. It is the role that you play that thrives on approval. You can wear different masks at different times with different social groups, seeking acceptance. The ego wants control and power, and lives in fear. Ego is being identified with your body instead of knowing your real value from your core consciousness.

The Soul is an individual consciousness. It is ignorant of its true status. It does not realize that its nature is an unlimited, immortal consciousness, that is one with the source of all existence. The source of all existence, or God, or the Universe, or whatever way you name it, is Love. Us, this individual consciousness is Love.

The way we go beyond the ego, is through self-awareness. Some call this evolution, however, evolution is when something changes over time. The important thing to realize here is that we are not changing, we are expanding in self-awareness. We are waking up. When we go through the process of self-awareness nothing that was real has actually changed at all. The essence of the individual consciousness (soul) is always the same universal truth. The difference between before and after is knowing the truth (awakening, or self-awareness).

The treasures that you will find awakening to your soul, are way greater than any treasures that you will ever find through your ego.

Shift your thought process from “Having it all”, to “Being your all”. Being all is a process, a journey. You are not trying to achieve a goal.

You are in an evolutionary process of self-awareness to awake to the truth that you are one with the source of all existence. You are realizing that you are Love.



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