Today was the longest day of the treatment.

The day started going to the hospital for a 3 hour session of extracting stem cells from my body. 90 million stem cells were the required amount to not have to repeat the process. Thankfully they extracted 360 million stem cells. The stem cells were extracted from the catheter on my upper left chest area. You can see the stem cells on the picture on the left. The stem cell’s are in the bag above my head.

The shots I’ve have been receiving on a daily basis promote the bone marrow to release stem cells into the blood. The machine to my right extracts the stem cells out of the blood that is being pumped out through the catheter.

The doctor told me, the stem cells in that bag are baby stem cells. They were born within the last seven days. They have no memory. They do not know what multiple sclerosis is! They are the ones that are going to reset my immune system.

Once this process was done, we had a one hour lunch break.

After the lunch break we proceeded to have 5 hours of chemotherapy! I felt the effects of the chemo, but not as strong as I thought I would have.

The chemotherapy kills the T-cells in my body, which are the ones responsible for attacking the Myelin-sheath around my nerves, and causing inflammation in my body. Tomorrow I have another 5 hours of chemo. That is the last round.

It was a great day for my health!