Since my last post, I have been in neutropenia. Neutropenia starts when the white blood count is below 4000. During neutropenia I have to stay locked up in the apartment, being very careful what I am exposed to. My body’s defenses are extremely low. The only time I get to leave the apartment, is when I go to the doctor’s appointments. When I leave my apartment I have to wear a mask, and as soon as I get back home I have to throw it in the trash.

Here is the white blood count for this past week:

Monday. Day+2: 3400

Wednesday. Day+ +4: 2500

Friday. Day+6: 600

Yesterday I was feeling very weak, so the doctor concluded that my count yesterday was probably lower than today. He said that the count should never reach 0; it would be extremely dangerous. Starting now, my count should be going up. By Tuesday the count should be over 4000, and my immune system restored.

Now that I am in Day +6, I can tell you some of the improvements I have noticed:

  • ability to walk is starting to come back.
  • general mobility in my legs has greatly increased.
  • mobility in my arms has gotten a lot better.
  • ability to type on the computer has improved.
  • circulation in my body is much better.
  • ability to swallow normally has been restored.
  • ability to enunciate properly feels normal.
  • numbness in my feet has lessen.
  • spasticity in my legs has been improved 80%.

The best part of all this improvement is that the doctor told me that only 10% of the patients see improvements during the procedure.

The best is yet to come!