HSCT Treatment

Today was the first day of a 30 day treatment. Day -12. This is simply counting the days until the stem cell transplant, Day 0 will be the day of the transplant,

Woke up at 5 AM, anxious to begin. The nurse arrived at my apartment to do my first blood work. This is the base for future blood tests. She took 7 vials of blood, and did some poking on my left ear.

Later we went to a hotel where we had the formal introduction to the program. I was very impressed with what Dr. Ruiz had to say about the HSCT treatment. If I was convinced that I needed to do this treatment before coming here, after this presentation I am even more convinced.

After the presentation we started all the preliminary medical exams. All these exams occurred today:

  • Chest x-ray.
  • Espirometria. An exam where I had to blow into a pipe to measure the strength of my lungs.
  • EKG, and consultation with the cardiologist. He said my heart was perfect.
  • Neurologist consultation, and surprise, surprise, he told me I have MS.

It was a very long, exhaustive day.

Tomorrow I get to have a consultation with Dr. Ruiz himself. Then at 1pm I get my first round of chemotherapy. This is supposed to last for 5 hours!