Yesterday was transplant day. I woke up extremely excited. It was like when I was a little boy and I would wake up on Christmas morning and the tree was full of presents.

Life is bringing me a new gift. The gift of a brand-new immune system, and newly born stem cells from my bone marrow that are going to restore my health.

The emotion is huge, the anticipation also, and the hope of once again having my body functioning perfectly.

Everything in the transplant went great. This is my new birthday: April 8th, 2017. Afterwards we celebrated our new birthdays.

Today, Day +1, I have entered the Neutropenic period. This is a period where my immune system is at 0. I have to stay in the apartment for eight days, because I have to stay away from any bacteria and/or virus.

I will be leaving to medical appointments, but when I do I have to leave with a mask on.

Netflix here we come!